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CTC Mountain Bike Trail Leader Award


Nationally recognised as the main entry point for virtually all mountain bike leaders and instructors, Trail Leaders gain valuable fundamental competencies that form the backbone of their role, whether in Trail terrain, or having moved on to Technical environments, Go-mtb Award delivery, the Skill Instructor Award or the CTC Trainer Awards for delivery of relevant further CTC courses.



The course focuses on games and skills development for group management to fulfill the four e's for group leadership:

  • ensuring safety
  • enjoyment
  • engagement
  • education

Course price: £250 per person.

Course content: Includes essential navigation and trailside maintenance skills; roles, responsibilities and ride preparation principles. Dynamic risk assessment and dealing with emergencies also form valuable parts of the course.

Course Duration: 24 hours over three days.

Course Outcomes: Those with previous leading and personal riding experience will find the specific group management and skill development elements key to their future mountain bike leading (and potentially progression into the Technical Leader Award course) - one of the aims of this course is to translate riders into leaders, and outdoor leaders into mountain bike leaders. The skills associated with this should not be underestimated.

Course Pre-requisites: Before attending, participants should:

  • Have at least one years experience of regular riding experience in trail terrain. This should be a minimum of 30 rides.
  • Have an interest in cycle instruction and/or mountain bike leading.
  • Be able to understand the basic principles of maps (what they represent and how).
  • Have attempted to fix punctures.
  • Be at least 18 years of age. It is a legal requirement to be 18 or over before you can be in charge of others.

You may (but are not required to) also have:

  • Completed Go-mtb skill awards or the Young Leader Award.
  • Previous experience in mountain biking and / or leading groups in the outdoors.
  • Other teaching / youth work / outdoor activity experience and qualifications.
  • Additional navigation and/or maintenance experience or skills.
  • We recommend that you hold a valid and appropriate first aid certificate (or obtain one shortly after your course).

Course dates subject to demand.

For further information or to express an interest for future course registration please contact BAC Tel. 02890600132 or email: officeadmin@belfastactivitycentre.com


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